A co-living community - for young professionals

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My Role

Lead Graphic Designer


What is Subletinn?

Subletinn is a co-living housing service that aims to create a self-propagating and holistic community by connecting genuine people.


Improving Subletinn's branding consistency

Over the past 5 years, Subletinn did not have a brand guideline that aligned itself with. Therefore, it causes inconsistencies over the website and social media platform which may confuse prospective tenants. Thus, as a UI/UX designer, I am tasked to build a brand guideline that aligns with Subletinn's vision and mission.


Brand and Logo inconsistencies

The Subletinn Logo was inconsistent. Although it was a simple logo with a keyhole and a ring, the sizing and spacing throughout multiple media platforms were inconsistent because the brand did not have a dedicated style it adhered to.

Some style guides to include:

  • Logo consistency

  • Logo variety

  • Brand color association

  • Brand Typography

Inconsistent Logo use

Subletinn - Horizontal (grid).png
Subletinn - Vertical (grid).png

Building a brand guide

Creating a brand style guide for Subletinn allows creating consistent, on-brand content. By applying the style guide throughout all of Subletinn's content, Subletinn's content will have a more consistent look.


Logo Consistency

  • Making path into objects to ensure consistent sizing

  • Establishing safe spaces around each design to ensure a consistent brand image

  • Adding a subtle gradient to the main logo to increase contrast and readability.


Brand Color

Prior to branding, Subletinn uses a bright red color for its primary logo to create an eye-catching image. Building on the bright red, I added a few other colors to suit the color palette.​

  • Primary colors: Red, Dark-pink, and Off-black

  • Secondary colors: Yellow, Turquoise, and Blue


Brand Typography

Subletinn uses Lato for its original logo design. However, Lato does not convey the friendliness and community-oriented mission that Subletinn strives for. Therefore, we decided to use Poppins for our main typography as its roundness better suits the company's mission. Poppins is also a free google font, so, not only is it easy to access, but also safer from a legalistic viewpoint.


What did I learn?

🎨 Creating a brand style guide takes time

Like UX design, there is a process in which creating a brand style guide aligns to. There is the research process, ideation process, and design process that takes a good amount of time. Although creating an aesthetically pleasing design is important, the main purpose of creating a style guide should be to reflect the mission and vision of the company and establish a consistent brand.

🔊 Communication is key!

Constant communication with the stakeholder is required to create an effective brand style guide. Throughout this process, I worked closely with the founder and the co-founder of the company to establish a brand that reflects the company's mission. 

/*what's next?*/

Subletinn Website Rebranding!

coming soon