I'm David

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An aspiring UI/UX designer who strives to impact users through carefully thought design. I'm a computer scientist, visual designer, athlete, home-cook, and a proud Chinese-Indonesian

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A little about me...

I am a curious, adaptable, and creative UX designer. I often look for chances to push the boundary of design to keep things interesting. But I believe that interesting design shouldn't be meaningless. So I strive to create an impact through carefully thought design by utilizing the right UX framework (like design thinking or user-centered design) to create designs that are relevant to the users.


With a background in computer science and graphic design, I will provide working designs beyond aesthetics. I will use the UX process to learn what the users need to compile designs that are relevant but also feasible. Sometimes designers come up with amazing designs but simply is not feasible. So, as a designer and computer scientist, I have a good grasp on finding the happy medium for both worlds.

Other than my designer and programmer role, I am also eager to learn and am willing to wear many hats (marketing, digital designer, data analytics, etc.). I believe that my role as a creative should not be limited to aesthetic parameters but also in multiple dimensions. Hence, I aspire to approach design through a holistic perspective.